Review: Powerless

Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kenna is tired of being “normal.” The only thing special about her is that she’s isn’t special at all. Which is frustrating when you’re constantly surrounded by superheroes. Her best friend, her ex-boyfriend, practically everyone she knows has some talent or power. Sure, Kenna’s smart and independent, but as an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world, it’s hard not to feel inferior.

So when three villains break into the lab where she interns, Kenna refuses to be a victim. She stands her ground. She’s not about to let criminals steal the research that will make her extraordinary too.

But in the heat of battle, secrets are spilled and one of the villains saves her life. Twice. Suddenly, everything Kenna thought she knew about good and evil, heroes and villains is upended. And to protect her life and those she loves, she must team up with her sworn enemies on a mission that will redefine what it means to be powerful and powerless..

This urban fantasy in a world of heroes vs villains, was at first, pretty simplistic. There are heroes, there are villains – Kenna is a powerless girl (an ordinary) despite being born to a superhero, and has grown up believing heroes are good. Naturally, it turns out to be a giant conspiracy and the fact that it is not black and white becomes obvious pretty soon. When she sees the depravity the so-called heroes can descend to, she teams up with a bunch of teen villains to rescue innocents and bring down the system.

Now, while it started simple, pretty soon I was starting to have a lot of questions about the world. The plot is good, fast-paced, and the storyline is action-packed, but it does not leave much room for development of the world or the characters. We see villains being probably good, but why are they labelled villains. The marks on them appear on their own, so what decides whether they are sorted as heroes or as villains. And I didn’t get the whole superheroes-in-secret thing, either – like if the villains were as bad, you would think there would be some reported cases of super-powered occurences. Even in the canon of comic-book superhero worlds, there is public knowledge of them. I do hope these things get addressed in the sequel, because this series is off to a promising start.

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