24hr #CleanSweepThon wrap-up

Caffeinated's 24 HR ARC Readathon
And the 24 hour Clean Sweep ARC Challenge is over – for me, at least, in my time zone! I was so excited for this read-a-thon – well, I am always excited for any chance to read!

I had planned to read for the entire 24 hours and so had decided to take a little nap on Friday evening, which proceeded to a 11 hour sleep to make up for the sleep deprivation of the week. Never make plans for 24 hour marathon reading sessions on a busy week’s end. Lesson learned! So, even though I had lost nearly half the time, I was determined, did my calculations and guestimated that I could still manage that goal. Well, did I? Not really. I did read two ARCs:

The Hunt Emancipated

Total pages = 368+400 = 768 pages

One is science-fiction and the other contemporary – so it made for a changed pace and less likely to get the two worlds entangled. It is always a good plan to mix up genres in cases of marathon reading sessions. Makes it easier to keep up the reading pace.

While chatting with my friend during breaks, who was still wondering how I manage to read this fast, I said – It’s about reading continuously, not reading fast – which I think pretty much sums up my reading style and the hungriness with which I reach for fiction. I agree that is not a realistic option all the time, but I feel it helps to always be in the middle of reading a book, to help be in the zone.

Sadly, I wasn’t that involved with the challenges posed – I was feeling way too lethargic to go beyond reading. Even my meals were simple and – wait, I think I missed dinner! Whoops! Well, that is bad – don’t forget to hydrate and replenish yourself while in a reading cave. I did manage to drink copious amounts of orange juice throughout.

Overall, I wouldn’t call this a raging success – I was still short on one book to complete my goal, but I am satisfied with myself anyway.

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