Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein each week bloggers list out their Top Ten. This week? Bookworm delights! There are so many things associated with reading that make me feel happy. Here’s some of them:

Getting book mail

That feeling when you get home and there’s a package waiting for you! Seriously, sometimes it was the highlight of the day, when I would come home from college and my mom or my aunt would say a book arrived for me. I am an ebook champion, but put a brand new beautiful printed book in front of me and I become a squealing mess. Actually, I get that way even with book swag. In either case, I sit and stare for a few minutes, then proceed to take a million pictures for posterity/Instagram. If the covers have embossing or something special, I love running my hands over them.

Losing yourself

You know that moment when the book is so good, that you lose your reality when the author takes you there? When you are so immersed that after closing the book, reality feels like a cruel slap in the face? Yeah, I love that – the losing, not the waking up. It is the high of reading, of inhabiting a space created by another for you, and it is one of the perks of reading fiction.


Some fans being so devoted that they will continue the story in their own way. Normally, I don’t read fanfiction much because there are so many books to be read, and I don’t like to get canon and non-canon confused, but I do love those headcanon posts in Tumblr for series I love. The ones where they understand the characters so perfectly, that it could almost be the author’s.

The other thing I am fond of is fanart – be it digital art, simple sketches, cartoons or edits on Tumblr. The fact that people actually put their heart and time into it warms me. Then there are some who bring out connections I missed while reading the book or some meta information, or some theories – those kind of things enrich the reading experience so much more!

Rainy days

Rainy days, coffee, a warm blanket and a good book – this is like The Dream. Though it is a pretty whimsical idea, I do love curling up in my blanket on weekends, reading book after book, and generally being cocooned in that space.

Just …stories, man!

I think just the fact that we communicate in a way that connects mind – the imagination of one person coming to live in the mind of another – that is simply beautiful. The fact that stories have been one of our most ancient traditions, and the fact that there are so many stories out there in the world, just waiting to be read – that gives me life!

Finding a new favorite

When you start reading an author for the first time, and you fall in love with the writing and you wonder why you never picked up their books before, and do they have any other books and after reading those, when is their next book coming out – yeah, these things are a delight.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights

  1. Great list! I agree with all of these! I love when you lose yourself in a book it is a great feeling! I wish on all rainy days I could snuggle up with a book it is hard when work gets in the way.

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