Review: Bridge of Snow

Bridge of Snow
Bridge of Snow by Marie Rutkoski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ignore the stirrings of war. Let the carriage to a royal ball wait. There is a story to be told: of a starless night, a mother and her sick son, and a mortal who falls in love with the snow god, and will do anything to have her…

I know The Winner’s Trilogy is solidly placed in the fantasy category, according to Goodreads at least, but the series does not really have any fantasy elements and instead resembles more of a dystopia. But stories like these make me feel they could very well be categorized as fantasy. Though they have no direct implication on the main plot, I love how Rutkoski has graced the story with these small snippets of Herrani mythology. I loved reading them in the main two books, and this one is no different. It resembles Greek mythology a bit, and is a story told by Arin’s mother to him when he was a kid. Of a shepherd who loved a god, and was fooled by another, it hinted at family and love being pitted against each other – which is sort of the theme of the series. Beautifully written, and has a poignant ending.

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