Book Blogger Hop: Jan 22-28

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer

This week’s question is:

Can you recall a time in your life when you were not reading?


Honestly? I don’t.

My earliest memories of reading were me re-reading my fairytale sets. I was also fond of reading the stories in my English textbooks – like, the day I got the new textbook, I would mostly read all of it. It was good in a way because I never had to worry about English homework 😉

Then, once Harry Potter came into my life, I became even more of an reader. At this point, I think I am hooked for life, and I don’t mind it in the least. 😀


12 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: Jan 22-28

  1. yes, I actually wasn’t very fond of reading when I was a kid. I did like when my mom or grandma read to me or when we read some stories together, but when the school started and they told me which books I have to read and how fast… I just wasn’t into this. I had to find my way to reading through some nice fantasy and children mystery books. It was still at school, but it took me few good years to find my type of reads.

    • Well, it’s great that you found your way to reading! Finding a favorite genre can be a process, and its usually a path you have to go about your own. People can nudge or recommend but it’s mostly what resonates with you that you like.

      I remember reading romance novels and detective novels when I was a teen – it was a hobby but not overwhelming. I would read but more out of awareness of options. I even remember sneaking and reading a copy of some really NSFW romance novel an aunt had hidden in her house. Then there was a dramatic saga by Danielle Steel that i was suggested and even though i was bored, read the complete book. Maybe because I wasn’t into YA yet, but now I would hardly find those plotlines engaging.

      I feel, we change as readers with every book we read. Sometimes one book can make us fall in love with a genre, and the right book can make you addicted to reading. 🙂

  2. I honestly cannot remember a time either! It’s insane when you think about it.. Did we always want to read, is it something that just came to us, did we do it to escape something? Most people have answers to those questions.. I literally just LOVE to read. I don’t even know why I started, but I am not questioning it!

  3. Great answer! That was a nifty idea, reading your textbooks ahead of time! And oh, Harry Potter!!! How I LOVE that series!! I was so sad when I found out that Alan Rickman, the actor who played Snape, had passed…… I hate the character, but Rickman was such an awesome actor, he made it very easy to dislike Snape! And he was such a nice person in real life, too!

    thanks for sharing, and Happy Hopping!! : )

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