#BoutOfBooks wrap-up

Bout of Books

Books read over the course of the readathon:

Lastland  The Distance from A to Z  Snow Globe  Fairy Tales for Modern Queers

 Stray  Burn  The Prey

Total pages = 325 + 316 + 232 + 180 + 384 + 272 + 404 = 2113 pages


The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle, #1)

Total hours: 11:08 h

Whew, this was an eventually productive readthon. I am ahead in my Goodreads challenge, for one, and I took full advantage of any reading time. Reading challenges do give an extra motivation to read. And the other challenges during this readathon were pretty fun to carry out too. There was also this Twitter chat yesterday, that I had fun but also trouble keeping up with because that stream just flew by! 🙂

The next #boutofbooks readathon will start May 9, which I also may participate in, if I can. Until then, happy reading ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “#BoutOfBooks wrap-up

  1. Wow, that is A LOT of pages! Congrats on reading so many and being ahead in your Goodreads goal :). Unfortunately I did not participate this time but hopefully next round I will!

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