#BoutOfBooks update – Day 3 & Rainbow Challenge

Bout of Books

On day 2 ->

The book seems interesting so far – Abby and Zeke are partners in this intensive French course offered by a college. Abby presumes things quite often, and is very judge-y in a manner, so things are not going smooth for her. She manages to piss him off, then piss off her room-mate (whom she adores) and last I read, was sitting in a tea-house and jumping to conclusions about a kind stranger there. Girl, give people the benefit of doubt!

Also, I got through till 12% of The Raven Boys audiobook. I’m enjoying re-discovering things I had not noticed about during the first two readings, like the fact that we still don’t know what Monmoth Manufacturing used to manufacture, or that Gansey has copies of Sports Illustrated (Swimsuit) lying around.

Currently reading- (Day 3)

The Distance from A to Z by Natalie Blitt (galley)

The Raven Boys (audiobook)

Today’s challenge

 Today’s challenge, hosted by Rebecca at Ranty Runt of a Reader, is a Rainbow Challenge. Since I don’t have enough printed books to create a book rainbow, I’m going with the author challenge.

R – Revis, Beth

O – Oliver, Lauren

Y – Yancey, Rick

G – Gray, Claudia

B – Bick, Ilsa J

I – Ishida, Sui

V – Vincent, Rachel

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