ARC Review: Paperglass

Paperglass by A.R. Ivanovich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release date: January 5, 2016 (republished)

After narrowly escaping the war-torn outside world with her life, Katelyn Kestrel vows to never again venture beyond the mountains of Haven Valley. But just as Katelyn begins to prepare for life after high school—a normal life with no warring princes, no dangerous magical abilities, and no handsome, duty-bound soldiers—the outside world comes crashing into her reality once again.

A team of explorers from Haven has been captured by Prince Raserion, the leader of the Western Kingdom. Only Katelyn, with her remarkable ability to find anything she looks for, can hunt the team down and bring them home. And only Katelyn knows just how much trouble the explorers—and all of Haven—are in . . .

The princes have been searching for Haven and its people for seven hundred long years. Like it or not, Katelyn must go back to the outside world and rescue the captives, or witness the destruction of everything she’s ever loved.

After the events of Haven, Katelyn is looking for a stress-free life. Even though she feels a bit disconnected and pines for Rune, she realizes that things were for the best and is ready to move forward. Now, a year later, she is pushed back into that hell, when she is sent on a mission to retrieve a government operative who is trapped in the outside world. This series, I have gathered so far, is a lot of adventure and so this time we have a sea-faring quest, with a literal flying (okay, hovering) ship. Unfortunately, she also has tag-along which she didn’t want, but is now responsible for. This chapter in the saga takes them to the front-lines of the war, a place where a Margrave exists and so does the Shadow Prince, making it very dangerous for her if someone were to discover her real identity. Masquerading as a Historian, she sees with her own eyes how the Dragoons are trained and conditioned, and sees the real brutality up close

Our main character, Katelyn, is a strong smart girl – someone who is intent on doing the right thing. So when she thinks her estranged mother is trapped in the hellish outside, she sets out alone to retrieve her. When she goes undercover and mingles with the Margrave, she tries to find some shred of humanity in her. When she sees Rune trapped along with his fellow rebels, she goes to rescue him even though she would be in greater danger if caught. For all her powers, she is still vulnerable to the Commands. And discovering the truth about her home and the people there, and that of her mother, would have discouraged any person, but she endeavors to save her home and the tormented people in the outside world. This book also gives us more about Haven, and getting that explanation was good, because it was getting a little incredulous at first. About Rune, I am still not convinced about how his character is built; there are inconsistencies and their romance is anything but organic. Overall I would say, read for the story, adventure and the thrills – that’s where it excels.

Received a free galley from Alloy Entertainment, via Netgalley; this does not influence my opinions or the review.

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