2016 Reading Challenges – update!

I came across more reading challenges I wanted to join!


A point-based challenges for series books. I am challenging myself at the advanced level, that is, 51-75 points. For more info on the point system, you can click on the banner above. Sign ups are open till December, so you can join whenever.

For the dystopia challenge, I am aiming for the Revolutionist badge (11-15 books).

And I hope to earn the Fearless badge (11-15 books) in the Horror Reading Challenge.


And another TBR pile challenge, meant for books published before 2016, which I’ll be tracking through my Goodreads shelf. Level aimed = Could this be Love? (41-50 books)

And for the Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge, I am once again aiming for the Diamond level (100 books). Gotta get that feedback ratio to 80% this year! Will be tracking it through my galley shelf.


Books I plan to read – 26

It includes the LBQTIA challenge, and besides that would feature a wide range of diverse books. Using a goodreads shelf to track this one.

Level I am aiming for = Tulip (21-25 books)

Setting a lower challenge than last year, because this year I don’t have many interesting books to look forward to. Besides, I am more into fantasy this year. There are also mini-challenges which you can find at the sign up page (click banner) to check out.

Level – Chesire Cat (26+ books)

Mainly for fairytale retellings, but not limited to it. Since there are many this year I am hoping to read, as well as galleys, this challenge is something I would obviously choose. Sign-ups are open till Feb 1st, so hurry!


This one specifies to read at least one series in one month over the course of the year, and I am aiming to complete 12 series. The rules dictate that a series has to be read till completion or the most recent book, but all books should be read in the same month. This is especially challenging for longer series but I am up for it.

2016, Finishing the Series, Reading Challenge, Bea's Book Nook

Level: 4 (Expert series reader) – Complete 7 or more series

I haven’t decided the series yet, but will pick up and complete as time passes.

Happy reading!


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