2016 reading challenges

It’s my nature to get a little competitive with myself when it comes to reading. I know the number of books does not really matter, but it’s good to set goals, and give some structure and discipline to my reading. Also, challenges among bloggers are a good space for discussion, which I am always striving to improve in. So, with that in mind, I have decided to participate in the following challenges this year:

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Krutula has
read 1 book toward her goal of 200 books.

Well I have aimed to read the same number of books as last year, but hope to raise it if I cross it. Other than that,

ROCK (1)

Books I intend to read= 26

The rules for this one are pretty simple – read the books you own! There are some print books lying around (ebooks are so convenient to carry) with me that I still haven’t read yet, so this one’s good for me. Link ups for blogs are closed as of now, but you can still participate (click banner for details). The rules are just to read minimum one book per month, and #RockMyTBR hastag can be used to give updates and participate in Twitter chats. I might not do the buddy reading because choosing books is mostly impulsive for me. There might be monthly wrap-up posts here, so keep an eye for that (if you are interested, of course!)

Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge 2016 banner Alexa Loves Books Hello Chelly

Books I intend to read = 100

Flights of fantasy is a no-level fantasy book reading challenge, which I am anyway excited for so might as well. There will be discussions under #flightsoffantasy and there are group discussions every month. For deets, click on the banner above. Sign ups are still open!


Books I intend to read = 52

Backlist challenge has only one rule – read a book older than a year. That will help me get through my older-than-3-year TBR list, so I am planning to read at least one book a week. Reviews are essential for completing the challenge, so if you are interested, go ahead and sign up!


Level I am aiming for = Orange (6-12 books)

Last year, I realized I don’t read enough diverse books. Most of the books I read have heterosexual pairings, and while I am more about the story than the romance, I do feel I should dip my toe into LGBT lit. Sadly most books I come across (for galleys, at least) have romance as the main theme. I am hoping to read some fantasy, dystopian or historical books in the genres. Fingers crossed and recommendations are very much welcome.

P.S. I have Carry On by Rainbow Rowell already in my sights

That’s it for now. I’ll update on the other Goodreads challenges as and when they come up.



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