2015 in review – Reading

First of all

Happy New Year!!!

to all of you! May 2016 be your best year yet, and may your libraries be filled with books 😉

And now lets look back on my reading for 2015


2015 was probably not the greatest year for me reading-wise, as my Goodreads would attest to it – I barely reached my goal on the last day. I have read lesser books and lesser pages this year. But hey, I still read plenty. There were some pretty amazing books I read this year, and some great authors’s writings I had a chance to be introduced to. wp-1451558746629.jpg

My crowning achievement may have been the Read-a-thon I participated in September. That was such a great fortnight – 12 books and nearly 5000 pages.

This year, I read 105 books for Netgalley and Edelweiss challenge, when I had pledged 100 galleys. Yay, diamond level achieved!

As for the challenges of the Goodreads group I belong to, the Young Adult Book Club, it was – you win some, you lose some.


Contemporary was a genre I was determined to read more of this year, and hey, I did read some good books like Hello, One, The Girl with the Wrong Name. I found that I love psychological thrillers much more than just coming-of-age stories, though.


The Young Adult challenge was a no-brainer – I mean, this blog and my reading is devoted to YA. Should have set a higher goal!


The Debut Author challenge was the same as last year. I pledged 12 and read about the same number. This year, I am hoping to raise it, particularly because there are a lot of debuts I am looking forward to.


Okay, I was sad that I could not complete this challenge because there are books lying on my TBR for over 3 years, and I had hoped to read them. Well, there’s always this year.


Now, for the dystopian challenge, I tried but there weren’t many dystopian books I was really hyped about. Still, just one book short does hurt me a bit. Recently I have started to tire of generic dystopian stories – I want something fresh, like The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow.


Fantasy, mostly, has once again proved itself to me by favorite genre. There would have been more but I did devote a part of my reading to contemporary this year.

And now, a final summary of all the books:

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