Review: Dead Girls Don’t

Dead Girls Don't
Dead Girls Don’t by Mags Storey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Liv might be in love with a serial killer. You d think the fact she can talk to the dead would make it easier to figure out who s slicing up the creeps at Rosewood Academy. But it turns out some people are even more dangerous dead than alive. All clues lead back to Adam the highly tempting fugitive she s been hiding in a coffin. But her best friend Gabriel s got some twisted secrets of his own, and if you cross some lines there s just no coming back. Was the guy with the wicked grin really framed for murder? Or will Liv end up another bloody victim of the high school serial killer?

Dead Girls Don’t is a paranormal/mystery/romance, with a serial killing as the focus. After a brutal murder of one of her classmates, Liv develops the ability to speak to the dead, when she touches their corpses. Figuring out who was the killer becomes a mission for her, particularly when she had a thing for the accused, her classmate Adam. But he is being mysterious and secretive, and so is her best friend Gabriel. While she delves deeper into the mystery, she realizes she didn’t really protect herself against the consequences.

The book was certainly interesting, with the psychic medium thing, and the serial killer on the loose. It certainly didn’t make it easy for Liv to figure out the killer when the ghosts aren’t being co-operative enough. Plus, her friend Gabriel isn’t really into helping out Adam, since the two of them were bullied mercilessly by the popular squad and Adam was friends with those idiots. Her own distrust of Adam stems from the fact that he let her go because he wanted to fit in with the popular crowd. It becomes a sore point between them, one that is endlessly brought up, but with good reason. I did not really like how Adam kept blowing it off like some inconsequential matter, and was more about how she should be helping him; his disappearances also didn’t endear him to me. The writing was pretty good, and the plot had good mystery twists. But the characters were not so alive, in my opinion. It was like I knew I should feel for them, but I was just not interested? In short, a good mystery novel – I would love a sequel if there is one.

Received a free galley from Diamond Book Distributors via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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