Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein each week bloggers list out their Top Ten. This week, it’s authors I’ve read the most books from. Now, logically, that would be manga authors topping the list, with their long list of volumes for each series. But, to be fair, I have separated them in two lists – one for the regular novels, and one for mangaka. The list also includes novellas, or short stories – basically, anything the Goodreads considers books.

While making this list, I also realized that women authors have shaped the majority of my reading choices. So, let’s begin, in order, shall we?

Meg CabotMeg Cabot

I have read, in total, 51 of her books, including the series The Princess Diairies, The Mediator, Heather Wells, Queen of Babble, Boy, Airhead, All-American Girl, 1800-Where-R-U, Abandon, Insatiable, and Avalon High. Most of these (there are some adult ones) being YA, she was my primary author when I first started reading YA. I devoured series after series, and her writing is one of my favorites.

Kate BrianKate Brian aka Kieran Scott

Before I knew of Pretty Little Liars, Kate Brian’s Private and Privilege series were the ultimate teen thriller series for me. As Kieran Scott, I’ve read the He’s So/She’s So and True Love series, bringing up the total read to 32 books.

P.C. CastP C Cast

Well, most of her series were adult – Goddess Summoning and Partholon, and my teen self relished the sexy scenes. Later on, I even loved her House of Night series, but haven’t been able to complete that one yet. Book count=26

Kim HarrisonKim Harrison

I first came across her when I read a story of hers in an anthology – from the Madison Avery series, and later on went to read her dystopic The Hollows series. Book count =  21

Julie KagawaJulie Kagawa

First read her The Iron Fey series and its spin-off, then loved the Blood of Eden and now on the Talon series. Book count = 17

Sara ShepardSara Shepard

Her Pretty Little Liars series is the very definition of a long-run series, which I still haven’t been able to let go of. Her other adult-PLL-like series, The Perfectionists and Heiresses, also runs the risk of doing the same to me. Book count= 17

Ellen SchreiberEllen Schreiber

Post-Twilight, when angsty paranormal YA was at its peak, her Vampire Kisses and Full Moon series were a refreshing change. Book count = 15. And Vampire Kisses even got it’s own manga series.

Cassandra ClareCassandra Clare

The queen of the Shadowhunter universe, I’ve devoured her The Mortal Instruments series (nearly) and The Infernal Devices, as well as the Bane Chronicles. Book count = 14

Melissa de la CruzMelissa De La Cruz

The vampire-angel Blue Bloods series were the first to make me fall in love with her writing, then came The Beauchamp Family with its Nordic mythology, and Wolf Pact which linked the two series together. Book count = 14

Richelle MeadRichelle Mead

Still too invested in the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines universe. Sydrian is my OTP! Book count=13

Special mention to Lauren Kate and Pittacus Lore who could have been on this list, but had a higher number of non-primary books so couldn’t.

And now, if you are interested, here are the mangaka:


I’ve read Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, and the respective ongoing spin-offs of the latter two, Tsubasa World Chronicle, and xxxHolic:Rei, as well as the new Gate 7. The wonderful thing about the CLAMP universe is the crossovers these four magnificent and talented women create, which can be amazing most times, but frustrating too. They also made their own adaptation of the Blood franchise, Blood-C, which had a good manga but terrible anime adaptation. Book count= a whooping 70!

Tachibana HiguchiTachibana Higuchi

Her Gakuen Alice (aka Alice Academy) series of 31 volumes alone brings her to the second position in this list. It’s more of a middle grade series, but the themes in it are quite young-adult-ish.

Kanan MinamiKanan Minami

Loved her slightly smutty shoujo series Kyou, koi wo Hajimemasu, Renai Shijou Shugi and Rhapsody in Heaven. The artwork style is usually exaggerated, and there is lots of angst but I still enjoyed those series. Book count=26

Hiromu ArakawaHiromu Arakawa

Writer of the famous Fullmetal Alchemist series. The anime FMA:Brotherhood follows its storyline. Book count=26.

Tomoko NinomiyaTomoko Ninomiya

Nodame Cantabile is the work I’ve read, and the book count = 24.

Natsuki TakayaNatsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket series – seemed very simple, and shoujo-ish, based on the zodiac animals. Heart-wrenching series, with pain, loneliness and loss. Book count=23

Karuho ShiinaKaruho Shiina

Wrote the extremely cute Kimi ni Todoke series. Book count=20

Matsuri HinoMatsuri Hino

Wrote the Vampire Knight series; I loved her artwork, especially her delicate artistic rendition of hands. Book count=19


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