ARC Review: A Million Times Goodnight

A Million Times Goodnight
A Million Times Goodnight by Kristina McBride

Release date: July 28, 2015

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One Night. Two Paths. Infinite Danger.

On the night of the big Spring Break party, Hadley “borrows” her boyfriend Ben’s car without telling him. As payback, he posts a naked picture of her online for the entire senior class to see.

Now Hadley has a choice: go back to the party and force Ben to delete the picture or raise the stakes and take his beloved car on a road trip as far away from their hometown of Oak Grove, Ohio, as she can get.

A Million Times Goodnight, akin to Pivot Point, plays off a parallel universe in a contemporary setting. Starting from the night Hadley realizes her boyfriend Ben is not the nice guy he seems, her future diverges into two paths – one is which she runs away and another in which she confronts him. Both versions play in the same setting, with just decisions changed around, and thereby influencing a change in the outcomes. Hadley being very impulsive, it makes for a very dangerous storyline, either way, because she soon realizes she has gotten her friends and her ex, Josh, involved in something way more than she bargained for when she stole Ben’s car. From drugs, to date rape, to suicide/murder, this story kept me on the edge of my seat. It was fast-paced, and didn’t stretch on too long, but fortunately didn’t impact the character development.

The writing is pretty good, keeping that whole danger feel right on every line. The main character Hadley was written as this strong girl, who isn’t afraid of danger but is also wary when needed. She makes some spectacularly wrong decisions in one storyline, and some impulsive ones in the other – but both paths culminate in her finding out the common truth, and strengthening her resolve to take Ben down. Josh, on the other hand, was two different people in the two story-lines, sweet in one and harsh in another, but supportive in both. The ending did confuse me a bit, and considering it was a parallel universe, I am not completely sure this was only contemporary. It was nice to have that little bit at the end, so you couldn’t be sure which was real. 3.5 stars from me!

Received a free galley from Egmont USA via Netgalley; this does not influence my opinions or review.

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