I’m back (probably)!

Hello there, folks. I would like to use this post to apologize being MIA for more than two months – it was a long silence but I have some great news. I have changed cities, again, but this time around I have changed countries too. Yes, I got the graduate student position I was yearning for, and since the end of March, I have been living in Yokohama, Japan!

Now, I have found that there has been a shift in my reading habits. While earlier I used to escape into books whenever I had free time, the fact that I am in a new country and the first time in a foreign land, I am eager to explore around me. So, basically my weekends have been a series of trips around Tokyo and Yokohama, seeing the sights, and living my life.

It has certainly not been easy settling in a country where I barely speak the language, but I am somewhat adjusted now. I get by most of the times, but I do need to learn Japanese quickly, as sometimes it does cause an inconvenience, like last week when I thought my bicycle broke down. It’s been interesting living here, and on most days, I do enjoy the freedom here.

As for books, they are still there for me, when I need a touch of magic in my life, but since I have come here I have been in a sort of slump. Maybe it was the new place or the reality of living on my own completely, for the first time, but I was more into catching up on TV shows than reading these months. I have been reading, but it has been slow, and I wasn’t posting review because I wasn’t ready to write them yet. But all that ends today, folks, because I am back. Maybe. My work schedule is still busy, as I have a lot of learn, and I was worried that I would lose my interest in reading with this new life. But this weekend, I just kept the laptop away and read three consecutive books. Granted, one was a graphic novel, but I feel invigorated, ready to get back into reading and enjoying the world of fiction once again. After this post, I’m finally uploading the reviews, so you might be slightly spammed by the new posts.

Thanks, guys, for being here, and still continuing to follow me.

Love, Ruthsic


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