Review: Sovereign, Volume 1

Sovereign, Volume 1 (Sovereign, #1)Sovereign, Volume 1 by Chris Roberson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sovereign is set in a fantasy world ‘which once knew gods, demons, and magic, and to which all three are returning’, and basically is a zombie apocalyptic story set in something like medieval Asia. There are people called adepts (who basically have superpowers) and then some of them are the Luminati (outcasts whose job is disposal of bodies). Set in Khend, where suddenly the bodies of the dead are rising due to demons possessing them, the world of this novel borrows some of it’s mythology from Norse as well as Hindu, with some dragons and gods thrown in.


While the storyline was good enough, I was lost at the beginning at to who is what. It didn’t help that character and world background was at the end of the book. The characters were too many to be invested in one, and besides I don’t think there was enough to develop any one. The ending, well, it wasn’t exactly surprising.

Part of the reason I wasn’t so into this book is the artwork. It’s terrible, with even characters rendered haphazardly and little to no details in background. The color scheme was good, but with such rudimentary art, the storyline suffered and didn’t make for an enjoyable reading experience.

Nah, did not like this one.

Received an ARC from Diamond Book Distributors via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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