ARC Review: Willowgrove

Willowgrove by Kathleen Peacock

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release date: January 6, 2015

Ever since Mac’s best friend, Amy, was murdered, Hemlock has been a dangerous place. But now that Mac, her boyfriend, Kyle, and Amy’s ex, Jason, have instigated a mass breakout from Thornhill, a werewolf “rehabilitation” camp, the danger has only grown. Fear of the infection spreading is now at an all-time high, and anyone with a scar is suspected of being a wolf.

What makes Mac even more afraid, though, are the dark experiments that the warden of Thornhill was performing on wolves in a secret asylum called Willowgrove. Uncovering the truth about what happened may be the only way for Mac to save everyone she loves and end her nightmares for good.

I really am so thankful for this book to be such an amazing finale for this series. After Thornhill, which was pretty good in itself, I was worried whether this would live up. But Peacock created a wonderful plotline, merging civil war, mystery, romance and action so seamlessly. After the prison break at Thornhill, the entire country is in upheaval over the supposed lack of safety for regs and mass murders of werewolves occur throughout. The situation turns volatile enough that it becomes difficult for the gang to hang around in Hemlock, which is still Tracker Central. Add to that, someone is trying to hunt down Willowgrove survivors and that means Serena has to be protected at all costs. But when Mac stumbles upon information that could lead to unearthing the secrets of Willowgrove and possibly proof that they tortured werewolves there, they unanimously decide to hang back. As the story progresses, the situation becomes more and more dire, and even after getting the entire truth (the origin of the disease itself), it becomes a question of what to do with the truth.

The whole basis of the plot being werewolf rights, the story has bigotry as one of the themes. The Trackers are influencing the general populace, and even RfWs aren’t able to make much of a dent. The werewolves themselves have to live in hiding, and the way this problem was resolved in the end was beautiful. For too long they had to live in shadows, and I was glad things worked out so well. The writing completed the plot and pace so well, with good action and drama scenes written out. It wasn’t as heart-stopping as the storm-the-castle scene in Thornhill, but the climax was pretty tense for me. The relationship between Mac and Hank also evened out, though the shadow of Eve did hamper a complete resolution. The love triangle, well, that too, worked out so well. I wasn’t really surprised at it, because I did pick up the hints given in Thornhill. All of the major plot threads were tied up quite well, and this leaves me very happy and satisfied with the end of the series.

Received an ARC from Katherine Tegen Books via Edelweiss. This does not affect my opinions or review in any manner.

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