Looking back on 2014

A very happy new year to all my followers! (two days late, but forgive me please)


Okay, this post is mostly to consolidate all the challenges I had taken up in 2014 and whether or not I completed them. Let’s start with the first and most important – the overall reading challenge. I had challenged myself to read 200 books, and let me tell you, until December I was lagging behind on it. There were a lot of changes this year – and my reading suffered a bit because of it. Anyway, let’s just break up the stats, shall we?


Yep, I completed that challenge and exceeded it! My only regret – it is a step down from last year. In fact, reading has been on a decline since two years. But let’s hope for a bigger number in 2015, shall we? 😉

As for genre challenges, I completed some but not all. 😦


I completed the debut author challenge, which was low anyway. Gotta find more new authors in 2015! I read more contemporary this year, which is a step up from last year, I guess. There have been more added to my TBR, so hoping for a bigger number this year too. Untitled3

Male author challenge didn’t work out so well for me, since I wasn’t picking the books based on the authors that much. Anyway, I feel like I connect more to female author’s writing than males, since their voice comes out better. Nevertheless, John Green, Rick Riordan, and Rick Yancey did make it to the list. TBR challenge was also fulfilled, which was surprising for me, considering most books I read were review copies, meaning most were released this year. Good to know I gave older books some of my time too. Untitled2

Paranormal was not a shocker – since that is my go-to genre. I did fall short of my other favorite, dystopian, by one book – which in hindsight, could have been so easily rectified if I had checked my challenge stats in between.

Besides these, I did have some blogger challenges too, for which I’ll have another post soon enough. For now, I’ll get back to reading and I am wishing all of you, happy reading, too!




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