Review: High School Debut, Vol. 01

High School Debut, Vol. 01
High School Debut, Vol. 01 by Kazune Kawahara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Haruna Nagashima was in junior high her life consisted of playing softball and reading comics. But now that she’s going to high school, Haruna decides to put all of her energy towards getting a boyfriend and having the high school romance of a lifetime. To help in her quest, she enlists cute upperclassman Yoh Komiyama to coach her as she eschews her jock tendencies and turns herself into the kind of girl who can catch a guy. Yoh agrees, with one catch: Haruna had better not fall for him!

Okay, this kinda reminded me of Ugly Truth, with the guy coaching her on dressing up and being attractive to guys. The heroine, Haruna, is well, a teenage girl, who thinks she has to have a boyfriend now that she is in high school. Nevermind that she doesn’t even have a crush on a guy, she just wants to fall in love. Pretty naive, yeah – but, I would like to see how her character develops. She has a sunny personality and her ‘coach’ Yoh is cynical about love, but not unkind. He feels a bit protective towards her, even though she can handle herself well, but mostly he is worried her naivete will be the death of her. It has a good start and plenty of potential so I am hoping this manga turns out well.

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4 thoughts on “Review: High School Debut, Vol. 01

    • Oh, shoujo manga is not your genre then. I would recommend shonen ones like Fullmetal Alchemist, xxxHolic, Death Note, or something like Gakuen Alice, Paradise Kiss or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

      By the way, the manga High School Debut is not about a girl who wants a boyfriend. It’s more of a coming of age story to learn to go further than just appearances.

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