Review: Reimei no Arcana 13

Reimei no Arcana 13
Reimei no Arcana 13 by Rei Tōma
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Man, Loki is such a complex character – he is the tortured hero till the end. At first, I was outraged at this betrayal of Caesar’s and Nakaba’s friendship, but by the end I was sobbing terribly. The reasons for which he did all this, and his feelings about it, never mind the fact that he would be the bad guy until the end really hit hard. I was a bit surprised about his past, but his strong feelings did indicate attachment to the cause and to Nakaba. Ultimately, he did what was best for the whole kingdom than for just Nakaba, and honestly that makes him a bigger hero. Nakaba and Caesar (too!) loved him so much – you can see it in how hurt they get when he asks for Senan, and later on when the news of his death reaches them. All I can say is, the mangaka has given such a hard-hitting ending to such a serious manga, and that somewhat completes it. A happy ending couldn’t be full of sunshine for this one, truly. On a side note, the fact that she is coming up with a fun new manga really perks me up. Looking forward to Rei-sensei’s next work!

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