Review: Outcast

Outcast by C.J. Redwine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quinn Runningbrook knows a hundred ways to kill a man and make it hurt. He can track, ambush, and torture his prey with terrifying skill—just like his father taught him. But every kill consumes another piece of him, and Quinn longs to stop, to save himself and his sister Willow from becoming like his father—a man who kills for entertainment.

But when Quinn refuses to torture a group of trespassers caught too close to the Tree Village where his family lives, and instead kills them quickly, he disobeys a direct order from his father . . . and Willow is forced to do it instead. Suddenly, Quinn isn’t the favored apprentice to the family business of “protecting” the Tree Village anymore. Willow is.

When Jared Adams—a courier from the nearby city-state of Baalboden—is caught traveling too close to their borders, Willow is ordered to torture him for information. But Quinn knows that Jared doesn’t deserve torture or death. And he realizes he has to take action…or the fate chosen for Willow and himself by their father will remain carved in stone.

I almost forgot about reading this book and took it up while reading Deliverance. Though it is a companion and only gives the story of the events mentioned in Deception, I felt it prudent to read it before the end of the series *sob* and so I did.

Outcast’s story is of Quinn and Willow – when they lived in their Tree Village, apprentices of their sadistic abusive killer father, who only wanted to create another version of himself in his kids. Since Quinn, a boy of honor refuses to conform but too scared to say so, his father manipulates him by making Willow do the work. Basically, both siblings are being manipulated by their father to protect each other.

You see Quinn struggling hard against being a killer, Willow being fiercely protective of her brother and generally, the loving relationship between the two. Jared Adams is also an addition to the story, a fact I liked because we see him from an outsider’s view, not just from Rachel or Logan’s.

Highly recommended for fans of Defiance series – you will enjoy the writing and the characters.

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