Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Give To Readers Who Have Never Read Magic Realism

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein each week bloggers list out their Top Ten. Magic realism is the genre in which magical or paranormal elements are incorporated into regular life. Assuming everyone has read Harry Potter, I have given it honorary mention and left it out of this list. So, if you have never read magic realism besides HP, here are some to start with!

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)The Raven Boys

Four boys on a treasure hunt, a mysterious forest, lots of clairvoyance and magic and plenty of suspense. Coupled with well-written characters and an innovative plot-line, this book is high recommended. Bonus: Ronan Lynch. I’ve yet to read the sequel The Dream Thieves, but rest assured I keep admiring the cover daily. Trivia: the author is an amazing artist, though she hasn’t designed the covers.

Ink (Paper Gods, #1)Ink

An American girl moves to Japan and get entangled in the messy and dark business of celestial descendants.  The allure of Ink is the fact that it is portrayed in quite a different style, more akin to those of shoujo mangas than regular YA fiction. Recommended for a hottie – Tomohiro, who can make drawings come to life.

Croak (Croak, #1)Croak

A spunky rebellious girl finds out that her uncle is a reaper and she is one too! The major draw is the humor – Damico has written some pretty  hilarous characters, and you will laugh more than cry for this one.

The Body Finder (The Body Finder, #1)The Body Finder

A seemingly normal girl who has a gift (or curse, whichever way you look at it) for finding murdered bodies. Moreover, the bodies which she finds give off an echo which matches the one coming off the killer too. Lots of mystery and intrigue in this one.

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1)Touch of Frost

Gwen is psychometric – she can touch an object or a person and access the memories that are imprinted. Cool, yes? Now here comes the bigger surprise – she is descended from a line of warriors, and finds out that there is a school filled with such descendants of great warrior tribes – Spartans, Ninjas, Valkyries and the world is filled with quite many mythical creatures. The pantheon of gods is real and includes deities from all mythologies around the world but her mission is to stop the rise of Loki. Story-wise, it draws a lot of similarities to HP and is an entertaining read.

The Holders (Holders, #1)The Holders

This one is a bit different – there is this race of beings that have amazing powers that are passed from generation to generation and the protagonist is a prophesized Holder – one that can harness the powers of all other Holders and amplify it. There is some politics and danger in the Holder society, as well as the complications brought about by bonding irrevocably with a human, like a soul mate.

Cracked  (Soul Eater #1)Cracked

Now here’s a main character that doesn’t shy away from her own darkness. Meda can eat souls, in fact she needs to eat souls – don’t worry, though, she only goes for the bad guys. There is a sect of demon hunters and when she crosses paths with them, she recruits hoping to get protection from the demons that are after her as well as know the truth about what she really is. Major points: Meda has a snarky side.

When Lightning Strikes (1-800-Where-R-You, #1)When Lightning Strikes

When Jess was struck by lightning, she didn’t burn to a crisp. Oh no, she got powers – powers to find missing people. She just instinctively knows where the missing person might be! But having powers and using them cannot always lead to good. While the first three books are relatively light, it is the final two books that get dark and serious.

A Need So Beautiful (A Need So Beautiful, #1)A Need so Beautiful

Charlotte is a different kind of Good Samaritan – she literally feels the compulsion to help someone. And when the need comes over, she has to do it. Being a Forgotten (the kind of angel she is) comes with it’s own set of problems, especially when there is another type of angels that have the opposite compulsion. An intense series which raises questions about goods and evil.


Anna can astrally project. ‘Nuf said.


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