Movie Review: Lucy

Lucy (2014 film) poster.jpg

My rating – 7/10

Funny story – me and my friends accidentally went yesterday to see the movie but found out that it hadn’t released yet. Yes, we went a day earlier for the movie show because none of us (8 people!) checked what the release date was! So, naturally we just HAD to go watch it today.

Firstly, when I read the synopsis I knew I was in for an action-packed movie – Lucy, a forced drug mule, gains amazing powers thanks to said drugs and lots of badassery ensues. It is kinda like the Bradley Cooper-starrer ‘Limitless’ in terms of premise, but Lucy goes beyond the simple concept of enhancing your brain power to what it could mean for the human race. Knowledge is awesome, but what do we do with that knowledge – is the question that Lucy asks. Scarlett Johannson plays the role of Lucy very well – from a frightened forced drug mule to a cold, confident and lethal woman. The fact that she ultimately wants to better the world through knowledge really add layers to her character – she is wondrous and ecstatic with the insights she gains due to the heightened connections afforded by the drug and at the same time, absorbs so well. She has a ticking clock on her lifespan, and though she knows it is inevitable, she chooses to help out rather than burn out.

The science parts are not so convincing – since they step out of science fiction and more into fantasy. I get that the drug opens up your brain like never before but telekinesis and learning new languages just by looking? Like not even saying that she gets an eidetic memory or heightened senses – just automatically gains mastery over a new language? Anyway, that and the animal montages kind of dampened the spark of an otherwise brilliant and visually creative movie. The special effects are particularly beautiful and take to newer dimensions of imagination. Though some people around cribbed about the ending (I won’t spoil it, don’t worry) I felt it was quite clever considering what her fate would have been anyway.

Recommended if you love a cool action flick but don’t read too much into the science parts.



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