Sorry, followers!

I am very much ashamed in myself. I neglected this blog for more than a month and hardly read anything during that time too. And I know this might sound like an excuse but life realllllly got in the way. I had these interviews for PhD positions, a couple PhD entrances, a language proficiency test, applications for myriad things – basically I was not in a frame of mind to sit peacefully for a few hours and enjoy the most relaxing activity in the world – reading.

I always thought finding time to read was easy – if you wanted to read, you read. But this last month made me realize that when things like future (!) and responsibilities (!) and your pride get in the way, even books have to take a step back. I tried reading, but the only time I could get was after dinner, which I mostly devoted to the internet (shitty excuse, I know, but Tumblr is damn addictive) since by that time I would be too beat to even lift a book. And when I wasn’t so tired, I usually had studying to do.

So, what was I upto? Let’s see – I was applying for doctoral programs abroad in April-May. I also had to get paperwork done – like passport, transcripts, etc which were getting delayed due to hassles with spelling differences in my birth certificate and school records. Needless to say, I missed the deadline and was in a self-imposed no-reading punishment for my sheer stupidity. After that, I had an exam or two for doctoral programs here itself. I finally got in my state, but another city. Yes, folks, this girl is moving to another city next month and doesn’t know how life will be there, so please bear with me if posts are still scarce even after next month.

On the social front, I was a shut-in, besides some outings with friends from work – making memories before I leave. I missed seeing Maleficent but saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 (wonderful movie, by the way, and awesome animation), and will be going to see TFIOS tomorrow. Went to my friend’s kid’s first birthday – which made me feel quite old, to be honest.

I left my violin classes, because honestly, no time for that either plus living in another city means I have to look for a teacher first. I crammed and attempted the Japanese N4 JLPT exam but don’t have much hopes for that one, since I basically bombed my grammar section. (I am really bad at reading long passages in Japanese) For now, I am working on writing the research paper for the work I did these last 6 months – so I am more or less free during the evenings. Yes, that means I will get some reading done this week. Honestly, it feels so horrible to open by book shelf and see all those unread books.

In case you are still here, thanks for reading about my life and still following me. This booknerd is in a mess at the moment but she will get back to regular booknerdishness soon enough. Cheers to that and keep reading!

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