Review: The Sound

The Sound
The Sound by Sarah Alderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Nantucket Sound is a beachfront playground for the privileged and elite, where the sunny days are filled with scenic bike rides, backyard picnics, and bonfire parties.

But all Ren Kingston – a visiting Brit still reeling from heartbreak – really wants is a quiet summer as a nanny for one of Nantucket’s wealthy families. Getting acquainted with handsome Jeremy and his young group of trust fund, private school kids was not part of the plan. Neither was befriending the local bad boy whose reputation is more dangerous than charming.

After a dead body is found next to The Sound’s postcard-perfect view, Ren starts to wonder where the real threat lies. Because it’s becoming clear that her newfound ‘friends’ are much more than they seem. They’re hiding secrets. Secrets that Ren wants no part of.

You know, when I read the blurb, I was genuinely excited for it. In fact, for a major part of the book, I was damn excited because of the prologue. It promised some extreme mystery and I was hanging onto every word because damn, I wanted some mystery after a dry spell. In totality, the book wasn’t bad but it wasn’t what I wanted too. It promised something else and delivered something else. Even the blurb makes you think it is this shadowy mysterious island where some serial killer is lurking and our protagonist is going to become a victim. But did we get that? Noooo – except for like, 5% of the book?

The story focuses mainly on Ren, a British girl who comes to Nantucket for a nanny position for the summer and get involved in the fight between the rich boys and townies. Apparently, one townie by the name of Jesse had punched this rich kid called Tyler, went to juvie for it and now all of the rich people are treating him like a pariah. Ren doesn’t want to really get into it – she is happy having friends on both sides but they keep trying to get her to theirs. She is also fighting off her feelings for Jesse while dating Jeremy, a seemingly sweet guy opposed to Jesse’s seemingly violent ways. The serial killer kills off one girl somewhere during the story and finally targets Ren in like the last chapter. Honestly, the entire story was a major bitch-fest between Ren and the other rich girls, her internal dilemma about which guy to go for and trying to uncover the mystery of Jesse-Tyler fight. Don’t get me wrong – since Alderson was writing it, I expected hot romance to be there but I felt it deviated a lot from the mystery plot which just felt like an unnecessary plot device until the time it actually came to the front. Even the person who turned out to be the killer was bit anti-climatic and since nothing was really set up in the story, it felt like it came out of nowhere.

Someone tell me though – exactly how does a four-year old girl know words like ‘skank’ and about the bases and why the hell did Ren not tell her employers about it? Nannying actually takes a backseat after like 25% of the book and there is no mention of the kids until the end. The hot guy Jesse, though – um, delicious much? Also, gifted her a book – points awarded to this awesome dude! Tyler – I saw it coming from a mile far. I guessed it too after he was seen with Lola, but was a little shocked about Jeremy. The rich girls are cookie-cut characters – yawn – and so are Tara and Niki, which makes me question why the female characters in the book weren’t given proper attention. The main character is also a bit annoying at times, like after the fire and getting into stupid situations which could have been handled better.

Overall – um, it was a good book but not up to the hype in the blurb.

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