Review: A Date of Godlike Proportions

A Date of Godlike Proportions
A Date of Godlike Proportions by Tellulah Darling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s bound to be pressure when it takes 2500 years to get to a second date. Which is exactly why Theo Rockman, a.k.a. Prometheus, would rather not go. With his best friend gravely injured and the fate of humanity still on the line, Theo has all sorts of creative excuses to avoid dating swoon-worthy god and love of his life, Hephaestus.

The one thought recurring in my mind was – aww, they are on a date! I know, not such a big deal but where there are gods and former-Titans involved, a normal date is so precious. Theo feels a bit guilty to go a date when his best friend is lying in recovery but after much prodding by the gang, he reluctantly goes for it. Festos, happy to get a second chance with Theo has the date all planned out but you know plans and fate – never go together. Things get awry and moments get heated – leading to a confrontation. On the plus side, Theo finally admits what is holding him back and we get one of the best confessions of love ever. *fans self* Caution: Loaded with cuteness!

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