Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein each week bloggers list out their Top Ten. It so often happens that we don’t get to read books that we read and then time passes on and suddenly one day you realize – I had meant to read that. I have so many books by popular authors that I have yet to read, and these are the top ten (in no particular order):

1. Stephen King

Yup, never read any of his books. Under the Dome is on my TBR but since horror is not really my genre, it will some time before I muster up the courage to read it. Someday. Until then, I’ll just watch the show and see Carrie.

2. James Patterson

I keep meaning to start his Maximum Ride series. My library has from the 4th one, so I don’t get immediate incentive to read it. I have the first three in ebook, but thinking about the series length and my galley list, this one is on hold.

3. Philippa Gregory

Another author I keep thinking of reading someday. The White Queen is on my TBR at the moment.

4. Rachel Caine

Morganville Vampires, 15 books so far in the series. Yeah, need atleast 3 weeks off to contemplate diving into this series.

5. Maggie Stiefvater

I really will start reading that copy of The Raven Boys (which I got two months ago) sometime in the near future. I also need to start the Shiver trilogy. She is pretty cool actually. I follow her on Tumblr and I already know I will like her style of writing.

6. Ally Condie

I have the first two in Matched trilogy gathering dust on my shelves. REALLY need to start on this one. Damn TBR rules.

7. David Leviathan

Haven’t read Everyday or Will Grayson, Will Grayson yet. Have to rectify that soon. I once missed out on reading a galley of Boy meets Boy, thanks to my sloppy organization skills. Dang it, I regretted that.

8. Jeanine Frost

One day, I will begin Night Huntress series. One day.

9. Holly Black

How have I not read Tithe series yet? I like fae stories!

10. Colleen Hoover

Normally I don’t read New Adult but her books were recommended by a friend. Have to check them out soon.

So, these were my top 10. I used this Goodreads list as a reference, because I would go crazy otherwise. Also, I only included authors I intend to read someday. I am already feeling a bit appalled at myself – especially for those books I already have on my shelf. Bright side – I have so many books to look forward to!

Which authors do you wish you had read already?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. The Tithe series was really good! Ally Condie should probably be on my list as well, I have the whole Matched series for over a year now and I have yet to pick them up.
    Ouch, you haven’t read Maggie Stiefvater or Colleen Hoover….

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