Review: Infinity

Infinity by Andria Buchanan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although she’s still stuck in the magical world of Nerissette, Queen Allie is finally ready to build a relationship with the half hottie, half dragon next door, Winston. But all isn’t really fair in love and war. Unrest is quickly forming at the borders and soon Allie realizes that the Fate Maker wasn’t the only one who wanted her crown. When her trusted aunt Bavasama sends her troops into Nerissette on a campaign of murder and mass destruction, Allie has a tough decision to make. She can’t take the chance of letting more people die or letting those she’s lost disappear from memory, but there is more at stake than even she knows. Still, Allie has to do something. And in the process she’ll discover what she’s truly made of when faced with a series of options…each more horrible than the last.

In the third installment of the Chronicles of Nerisette, the war with Bathune ends in a peace treaty and her aunt Bavasama is visiting for the same. Allie, however, has her doubts on whether her throne is really safe from her power-hungry aunt and is cold and distant to her. The kingdom is just exhaling a breath of relief after the treaty, when attacks start happening over again and she has to prepare for another war – to crush Bathune for once and for all. Allie is constantly struggling with being a stern ruler and a kind one and this final book really tests her strengths. She doesn’t know how to use the Relics, is human in a world of magic and creatures, and has to bear the responsibility of an entire kingdom at just 17. Not to mention, she is in constant worry about her mother who is trapped in The World That Is, on the other side of the mirror, a world inaccessible to her without the knowledge of the Relics.

The entire series has been such a great story and even the last one didn’t disappoint. The writing was to the point, elaborate when necessary, and the pacing was good. The characters were defined well and it was interesting how each of them perceives fate. For Allie, it is nothing but superstition, for the dragons it is an enemy, for the people of Neris, it is a goddess – each have their own view of a divine power but there is peace (mostly) among the different races. It also showed that there need not always be cruelty in a war, even for the those who seek retribution. I was awed by how the author subtly put these lessons into the storyline. The ending was great – mostly an HEA, but open-ended enough to leave things to our imagination. Good book!

Received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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