Review: Blood-C, Vol. 02

Blood-C, Vol. 02
Blood-C, Vol. 02 by CLAMP
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The plot thickens in this second installment in the Blood-C series. Saya is getting flashes of memories, people are missing in town, and the ‘Elder ones’ are getting more daring in their attacks. They are picking off people in broad daylight. Why only Saya witnesses these events in beyond me, because the victim can see the monsters so it is reasonable enough to assume they aren’t invisible. As for the memories that flash on occassion and contribute to her bad health, there is a mysterious talking dog who claims to be a shopkeeper of wishes (yay, Watanuki!) and he persuades her to try to remember whom she had made the promise to protect the townsfolk from. Now, if you have seen the anime (like me) you know where this is going, but the first time around, it is very intriguing. People aren’t what they seem and there is a lot of subtext behind each character’s dialogues. As it is CLAMP, complex story-lines are expected and this one is pretty deep.

P.S. CLAMP, I see what you did there with the dog chasing the butterfly (in the first scene Saya comes across him) *wink*
Also, when this series was announced, I was so happy because it is one of my favorite anime series undertaken by one of my favorite mangaka group. The end result was not really upto my expectations, considering other new CLAMP works like Gate-7 feature more descriptive artwork. Ah, well – not every series can be the same and I look forward to where CLAMP takes the story in the manga. The anime adaptation, more specifically, the movie was a disappointment.

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