Review: Blood-C, Vol. 01

Blood-C, Vol. 01
Blood-C, Vol. 01 by CLAMP
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

CLAMP’s version of the Blood saga might not be as interesting as the Blood+ TV show, but it has it’s merits. The artwork of the book is spectacular, as expected. The storyline is interesting, with Saya as a priest’s daughter in a countryside town. Everything is normal and calm, except the fact that she is charged with hunting down the ‘Old ones’ – monstrous creatures that attack humans.

The most interesting aspect of any form of Saya is the fact that she is a killing machine. In The Last Vampire, she is aware of the fact and ruthless in her demeanor. Blood+ Saya was an innocent girl with a family who is thrust into the responsibility of going against her twin sister. This Saya, however, remembers nothing from her past. As a character, she is naive, dense but when it comes to hunting, she becomes the killer she needs to be. This volume set the world for Blood-C and hints at quite a lot of secrets being kept by the other characters.

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