ARC Review: Powerpuff Girls Volume 1

Powerpuff Girls Volume 1
Powerpuff Girls Volume 1 by Troy Little
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ah, this is nostalgic. I remember watching Powerpuff Girls as a kid and being absolutely obsessed with the show – I watched every episode multiple time, and would hum it’s theme song throughout the day even though I didn’t know the proper lyrics at that time. So, when I saw it up on NetGalley, I had to obviously check out the comic!

If you consider the artistic quality of the graphic novel, it doesn’t waver from the TV show – which was a relief. Quite often it happens in manga that there are notable differences in the artwork and that wasn’t the case here. Secondly, it was very well illustrated – you could almost imagine the animation while reading it. The storyline is also very interesting – Mojo Jojo is ready to hang up his purple cape, and next thing you know, other villains of the town have also started being good and altruistic? Something’s going on, suspects Buttercup but is shot down by the cheerful Bubbles and optimistic Blossom. The story doesn’t end here – because someone has a nefarious plan in place and the why would be quite interesting, no? Only complaint – felt a bit short but then maybe I am too used to manga and also, this was my first graphic novel.

Received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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