Book Blogger Hop: January 31-February 6

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer

This week’s question is:

When you receive new books in the mail, do the older ones get moved to the bottom of your list or do go strictly “by the book” and keep your list with older books first and then the new ones?

My Answer:

I have a set of rules that decide reading order for books. Most of the time I break those but the one that sticks is my TBR order. Print books – I read them when I feel like and go by the order in which I got them. That being said, special circumstances can also make me read books sooner, like Allegiant (last book in the series, hot damn!) and 5th Wave (held out as long as possible). In short, older books first – almost always.


9 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: January 31-February 6

  1. I wish I was that dedicated to my rules/lists (: I recently made a list of all books that were on my shelf as of Dec 31, 2013, and my goal is to read as many of those as I can this year, while also reading newer books that I’m getting. But I don’t really read based on when I get them, just what mood I’m in (:
    Tina @ Pages of Comfort – new follower via bloglovin!
    My Blogger Hop

    • I found another idea, through some bloggers – keeping a TBR jar. Write the names of the books on your shelves onto paper, put them in a jar and when you want to decide which book to read next – pick one from the jar.

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