Review: Weather Witch

Weather Witch
Weather Witch by Shannon Delany
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Some fled the Old World to avoid war, and some fled to leave behind magick. Yet even the fiercely regulated New World–with its ranks and emphasis on decorum–cannot staunch the power that wells up in certain people, influencing the weather and calling down storms. Hunted, the Weather Witches are forced to power the rest of the population’s ships, as well as their every necessity, and luxury, in a time when steam power is repressed.

Jordan Astraea hails from a flawless background with no taint of magick, but on her seventeenth birthday she is accused of summoning an unscheduled storm. Taken from her family, Jordan is destined to be enslaved on an airship. But breaking Jordan may prove to be the very thing her carefully constructed society cannot weather.

And losing Jordan forever may force her beau, Rowen, to be the hero he would have never otherwise dared become.

This is my first time reading anything in the steampunk genre (yes, I really intend to complete those resolutions) and well, I’ll say – it’s different than what I expected. Okay, so I chose it more because of the witches, and while that was the crux of the story, it was much more than that. It had a complicated storyline, with threads of the characters’ lives merging into one another and some things relevant and some things not. The writing style was definitely different than what I am used to, and at several points, I found myself backtracking a page to re-read what had happened. Needless to say, it took me quite some time to finish the book. With the multiple third person perspectives, I found Bran’s to be the most interesting and while the story was about Jordan’s mistaken arrest, he had so much to offer to the plot advancement. Speaking of storyline progress, I found the pace to be quite slow, and it wasn’t even for building up the plot. It gave a lot away while getting lost in the details and that made for a slow read.

The characters, however, showed excellent development. Right from Bran, Jordan, and Rowen to even Chloe – the writing highlighted each character so well. There is no particular antagonist, per se, as you find even the bad character has shades of gray. It was wonderful to be in the heads of the characters and that was what I enjoyed about the book, even with the slow pacing. While the blurb focuses solely on Jordan, the other characters are just as important to the storyline. There is Bran, a Maker, who triggers the Weather Witches through torture, Marion – an escaped Made Witch out for revenge, Rowen – a party boy who mends his ways when his friend and love, Jordan is called a Witch. I wouldn’t say much about Jordan because I didn’t really like her much – she was just too hopelessly optimistic about her being free of all charges, even after being convinced otherwise. I would, however, like to see what the author Makes (see what I did?) her to be in Stormbringer, so looking forward to that one.

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