Review: Just Like Fate

Just Like Fate
Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just Like Fate is an innovative concept – the what ifs of life. There are so many things in life we regret – things that make you want to take back something, not make a particular decision. The story follows one such decision made by Caroline, on the night her grandmother died. She did not know it would happen and a yes/no decision at that moment diverges the storyline into two paths. Both paths have something to learn from and both have pain and happiness along them. Our life is also basically made of decisions – we may believe in fate but our choices also count. The book specifically refers to what destiny and free will have to do with each other – something like xxxHoLIC’s hitsuzen. Even at the end, we don’t know which path actually happened, as life is. We cannot know the outcome of a ‘what if; we cannot know if our life would have been better but just be content that things will work out eventually…

The writing and the dual timelines really pulled me in. After quite a while, I have read a novel at a stretch, it was that interesting. Quite a good read!

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