Review: Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 4

Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 4
Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Volume 4 by Fumi Yoshinaga
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We move on to the change in the society. While the Inner Chambers are still the focus of the story, we also see what is happening in the villages, and what is creating the society known in the first volume, that is, 80 years later. The development in this volume was fast, and we get the next shogun, the daughter of the 3rd one, and now Arikoto is in a position of the Senior Chamberlain. The customs and code of the Inner Chamber are being set as the 3rd shogun falls ill, even the barbaric ones as the Secret Swain. The story comes full circle to the 8th shogun at the end. Once again, there was impeccable storytelling, attention to detail and good continuity. I am in love with this series!

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