Review: Haven

Haven by Kristi Cook
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I haven’t read a vampire book for quite some time now – it has been all dystopians and sci-fi for some while now. In the beginning, it came off as a bit Twilight-ish and then it felt a bit like Bloodspell (by Amalie Howard) but (not that it was a bad thing), I found this blend of psychics and vampires really good. There is this X-men like boarding school for psychic kids and Violet, a precog, finds herself drawn there. The nature of her power is she mostly sees bad things happening in the future, which means she beats herself up about it when she can’t prevent it. At the school, she meets Aidan, a silent loner type, and there is a little of insta-love but that connection is explained later on.

I found the mythology of the series interesting, with the Sabbats and the vampire Tribunal – a smokescreen behind a smokescreen. I guess this book proved that freakiness is relative – there is always something more weird out there but once you overcome that, it seems normal. I would have liked more of the lore, since the story rested heavily on Violet and Aidan’s tumultuous relationship for about 80% of the book. Aidan was pretty good but the save-yourself type which can be a bit infuriating, but he is a hot nerd and totally my type (*sigh*). Violet was a bundle of hormones most of the time, but she has her great moments too, like her standing up for the shifters, keeping her sanity in the face of that whole bucketload of shocking truth and finally, her courage to keep on hoping to change her vision. Her friends are a great bunch, too, which is totally sweet.

Finally, I am excited to read the next two books – which I just found out are already out and basically, is a complete trilogy. Good vamp fiction!

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