Review: Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine by Melissa A. Smith
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Cloud Nine was one of the most disappointing books I have come across. The blurb promised so much but the book delivered a hald-baked plot and cardboard characters. It is all ‘hey I am your guardian angel. I lurve you so much’ and them bam, return of the most stalkerish exes ever. Claire and Sterling are bland for protagonists and spend most of the time being attached at the lips and breaking hearts as they go. (eyeroll) Also, meet the family happens more than one time and it all is repititive. The entire set of characters is boring and the author has trouble sticking to things – first we find out that Claire basically takes her of herself because her parents are so absent and later on, they are being all concerned and friendly parents and basically around all the time. Exes are trying to meddle and win back. Upstairs, there are some bereaucratic geezers that don’t give a damn about what their guardian angels are doing. Seriously, I can’t believe with the lack of authority, how no angel until Sterling even thought of hooking up with humans. Must have not occured to them, right – what with all the shacking up with fellow angels. Also, exactly what these guardians do beside ‘being’ there and doing genie jobs, I can’t guess. They even got their charges sent into asylums in the past, so I doubt they know what protecting their charges exactly means. The end was so anti-climatic (what was the plot exactly?), I was like – are you effing kidding me? The psychopathic ex will just be ‘watched’? Really? I wanted to throw it across the room but sadly it was a digital copy and I love my tablet too much for that. Seriously, nothing in this book makes me want to pick up the sequel.

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