Review: Phoenix Overture

Phoenix Overture
Phoenix Overture by Jodi Meadows
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, when I started this I realized I didn’t remember much of the events of Asunder. Bad memory is not a new thing for me so I went ahead and read this anyway – and even without it, I enjoyed this book thoroughly. Phoenix Overture tells the story of Dossam before the whole populace of Heart (that is how it is spelled, right?) migrated there. He was a wimpy 15 year old boy who loved music but didn’t have a place in a world of warriors and fighters. His father blames him, his brother doesn’t understand him but one day he finds a friend in Stef. The way their friendship develops, the events which later on force nearly the whole populace towards Heart and Janan’s way to immortality are the key events of the book. What is more special about it is that most of these events are not in the main books – because all the people forgot what made them incarnate in the first place. The writing was moving – especially during the parts where Sam describes the music, I was overwhelmed with feelings. And now after reading this, I am feeling the urge to go over Incarnate and Asunder again, so that I can see it again with the knowledge of this.

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