ARC Review: Cracked

Cracked by Eliza Crewe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cracked is the story of Andromeda ‘Meda’ Melange – a half-demon girl who likes to eat souls. She does not know what she is but just that she considers herself a monster and revels in it. Her attitude is like – I tried being good but I got bored! (I have that on a tee *wink*) and combined with her witty narrative – this book is a gem. The story opens with her on one of her hunts to eat a soul – she is very Dexter-y in that manner, going only for the bad ones who really deserve it. Then bang, she meets others like her and others who hunt her kind. Since she wants answers, she decides to go on the safer looking kind – those of the hunters and ‘pretends’ to be good so she can find out about herself. But then hell literally breaks loose and she is on the run with her new hunter friends. It’s all very shadowhunterish if Meda was in Tessa’s shoes. Actually, you can draw quite a lot of parallels with Dexter and the Mortal Instruments in this book, but that is not why I loved it. It’s because of Meda – even in life-or-death situations, the one thing she won’t surrender is her witty sarcasm. Seriously, her snarky mental comments kept me grinning throughout the book, with almost every page having a brilliant snide comment from her which she never voices and never have I loved an anti-hero this much. She admits she is dark but occasionally her humanity shines through like a Beacon (pun intended). Always on the fence between Good and Evil, she presents an interesting mind to look through.

The hunters who ‘rescue’ her are Templars(from Knight Templars), and their mission is to protect Beacons (extraordinarily good humans) from the demons. Some of the things they say and do come across as lame and really I don’t get how they go around killing demons without ever coming to the notice of the authorities. Do they have people on the inside pushing the matter under the rug? Maybe. Anyway, since the story focuses heavily on Meda for about 80% of the book, we don’t really know much of the other characters besides her friends, Chi, Jo and Uri. I think development-wise, Uri was the only one besides Jo who got screen(or is it page)-time. Chi is nearly one-dimensional, a naive, dumb jock most of the times – and clearly doesn’t have a suspicious bone in his body. Jo, however, that girl has layers – and the subtle development of friendship between her and Meda is something worth watching. I think this is the first time I am shipping friends – their bromance (or sisterhood?) is so adorable, especially at the end. Jo’s and Chi’s dance around their love is also quite hilarious, with Meda acting like the unwilling matchmaker. I also adored the fact that there wasn’t a love triangle or a love interest for Meda – I wouldn’t mind if she did but she really didn’t need it. Her story is powerful enough and she is enigmatic enough without a guy adoring her to appeal to the reader. Definitely an interesting set of characters! I would give full points for the storytelling.

Received a copy from Angry Robot Ltd. via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

And though I normally don’t include quotes in my review, I will do it this time:

“Apparently I am the guest of the prom king of Demon Hunter High.”

“There’s a moment of silence as they all examine me for impending greatness. I wish I’d had a chance to comb my hair.”

It should be noted that the above quote were taken from an ARC, so it may or may not match the ones in the final copy.

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