Review: Breathe

Breathe by Sarah Crossan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ever since the Switch, when the oxygen levels plummeted and most of humanity died, the survivors have been protected in glass domes full of manufactured air. Protected . . . or trapped? Or controlled? Alina’s a revolutionary who believes we can save the environment. Quinn’s a Premium who’s never had to worry about having enough air. His best friend, Bea, is an Auxiliary who’s never worried about anything but having enough air. When the three cross paths, they will change everything.

Breathe has a very interesting premise – in a futuristic world, oxygen has become a commodity and breathing is a privilege. The people are trapped by their dependence on this vital gas. When I began the series, it came off strongly as a Hunger Games-Under the Never Sky combo. Trapped people in pods? Under the Never Sky! A controlling government and people segregated on basis of what they can afford into Premiums and Subs? Reminded me of Capitol and the Districts! However, even with these obvious similarities (and there are many more), I did enjoy the book’s storyline. It took a global issue and highlighted for us what our future might look like. It might not wins any awards for originality, but the writing is good and engaging. I wish I could speak well for the characters, but they somehow didn’t interest me much and honestly, Quinn came off as a wimp until the end of the book. Alina and Bea are okay, Maude is interesting if a bit psychotic and the Resistance was a very little part, so not much to say except they are hit-first-ask-questions-later kind of people.
3.5 stars

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