Top Ten Tuesday: Books I was ‘Forced’ to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein each week bloggers list out their Top Ten. This week’s theme is Top Ten Books I Was “Forced” to Read. First of all, it would be extremely rare for anyone to get me to read something if I am not interested in – so ‘forced’ would be an exaggeration for the list below; it would be more like recommended strongly or hyped and I read it see what it was about. We never had Required Reading in our curriculum so no force from academics too. In some cases, I was disappointed but at times, I was glad I did. So, without any further explanation, here are my top ten (Actually, only 7 – I don’t do well with advise from others) :

The Vow: The True Events that Inspired the MovieMan, was this book hyped! There was even a movie coming out with Channing freaking Tatum and at that time, even though I wasn’t so sure about the blurb, I went ahead with reading it. Bad move – I hated the book. I get that it was a true story but the writing was terrible and halfway through, I was bored and ready to leave it. But I don’t DNF so I stuck till the miserable end and it put me off the movie too. Till date, I don’t even attempt to check it out when it comes on TV. It made me realize that perhaps I really should stick to YA because non-fiction is really not for me and never to trust a book by its hype.





The RingA recommendation from the librarian when I was a new member to my library and I took it for the sake of being courteous. I don’t have anything against adult fiction (read romance) but they generally have a lot of drama and are a drag. This one was no different. I read, and when asked how it was by the said librarian – I gave an ‘okay’ as my reply. Strangely enough, I never got another recommendation again. Then again, with me checking out YA every time, I guess the message was delivered.





The Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings, #1-3)This one was from my mom in the days when I was starting to get into reading. Her colleague had recommended this book as very popular with the masses and so she got it for me – an omnibus at it too. So, I immersed in this book for a week at the end of which, I was as blank as I was at the start. Don’t kill me Hobbits, but I didn’t get the book at all. I appreciate the world-building but that is the extent of my adoration – the book was boring and the spontaneous songs and all just put me off. (Not a fan of poetry!)





Fallen (Fallen, #1)A recommendation by a friend for which I was glad. It was the first angel story I had ever read and I loved it. The mood of the book drew me in and since then, I have been more into paranormal fiction.








Wuthering HeightsAnother recommendation by the same friend – but this one was off the mark. God, the drama and the hateful protagonist. Actually, you can get my whole rant and the reasons for not liking the book here.








Tree Trouble (Eco Worriers)A recommendation by another friend who is into cutesy things – so, um, not my genre. Too much sugar and all that. I like a little danger in my books. I read another one in the series to see if if was better and then left it. (I wasn’t so well-versed in spotting a genre by its cover at the time)








Twilight (Twilight, #1)At the time when I started the book, I did not know what a big hype it was. I was recommended to it by one of my best friends who was given the suggestion by a classmate of hers. So, I started the book and was hooked and then I became a huge YA fan. End of story.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I was ‘Forced’ to Read

  1. Great list, I know what you mean about being ‘forced to read’ something, you don’t want to! Most books on my list are because people recommended them or because they were becoming hugely popular and I wanted to see what the fuss was!

  2. It’s a shame about Danielle Steele. What an odd recommendation from a librarian who doesn’t know you very well. My mom used to read this & I do enjoy them for what they are. I think she’s very good at story, unlike other romance writers. (My favorite is Message from Nam.) If you are looking for adult lit that is a little edgy and younger, I would suggest the two books by Tiffanie DeBartolo (both are fantastic) and could feel like great YA.

    • I guess it wasn’t really the librarian’s fault. I was new, an older teen and I guess that book must have been popular with others so I was suggested that. Oh, and I don’t really read adult lit (most of the books I read are YA unless they are from an author I like) but thanks for the rec!

    • I don’t get what the fuss is about either. Maybe I was too young to appreciate it or something but the thought of re-reading that 1000+ omnibus is not really appealing to me. I never even watched the movies, BTW.

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