Truth or Dare #2


Jenna does Books came up with this exciting new meme called Truth or Dare, which in her words:

I came up with this idea to re-energize my blog, to guarantee that, at least once a week, I can come up with a unique topic that can be shared, discussed, and even laughed over among the bookish community – I would love for you to join in on the fun!

If you know how to play Truth or Dare, then you probably know how this feature will work:
Each week I will provide a pair of “Truth” and “Dare” options for bloggers. Each week you may choose to do either the “Truth”, the “Dare” or BOTH! These topics will be listed on my site plenty of weeks in advance to help participants plan their posts. Most options will be quick and easy – but still provide plenty of opportunity for great content! – and others will be a little more… daring.

TRUTH: Usually will require you to answer a question or a prompt that can be completed in text format, such as a “discussion” or “list” post.

DARE: These will require you to “go out of your shell” a bit. You may need to complete a special project, share photos, vlog or complete some equally “daring” task. Let your inner dare devil come alive!



I’ll go with the truth again. So, hobbies – hmmmm…I am a jack-of-all-trades kind of person – lots of things interest me and I love to constantly learn new things. So, my hobbies keep on changing year by year – I am fickle that way. Besides reading and blogging (which I started recently), my hobbies include:


I have always loved art since my childhood – you could say it was my first hobby and love. I remember loving those comic strips in newspapers as a kid and I used to practice drawing them so that my own would get better. I picked up neat little tricks along the way and more or less taught myself to draw from a young age. I never took any art lessons nor did I join art school (it was a option but I took science) so I do it for recreation. My favorite medium would be pencils – I love to sketch – but I paint with watercolors occasionally too. I am not great with details due to my laziness, so I usually stick to portraits of people. I love drawing fan art but recently, I have been in some kind of a dry spell – my sketches don’t come as good as before plus I don’t really get time to paint.


I have been learning the violin for four years now – with lots of breaks taken due to exams. I am fairly good player, have good memory of the music but when it comes to fast pieces, I am not so good.

Besides these, earlier I used to knit, embroider, and maintain a garden but now have dropped those due to lack of time.


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