Truth or Dare #1


Jenna does Books came up with this exciting new meme called Truth or Dare, which in her words:

I came up with this idea to re-energize my blog, to guarantee that, at least once a week, I can come up with a unique topic that can be shared, discussed, and even laughed over among the bookish community – I would love for you to join in on the fun!

If you know how to play Truth or Dare, then you probably know how this feature will work:
Each week I will provide a pair of “Truth” and “Dare” options for bloggers. Each week you may choose to do either the “Truth”, the “Dare” or BOTH! These topics will be listed on my site plenty of weeks in advance to help participants plan their posts. Most options will be quick and easy – but still provide plenty of opportunity for great content! – and others will be a little more… daring.

TRUTH: Usually will require you to answer a question or a prompt that can be completed in text format, such as a “discussion” or “list” post.

DARE: These will require you to “go out of your shell” a bit. You may need to complete a special project, share photos, vlog or complete some equally “daring” task. Let your inner dare devil come alive!

Okay, I loved this game when I was in college – I most often chose truth because I am an open book and would rather share than dare. Also, my friends were kind of evil and thought up some ridiculous dares (truth be told, I was wild too) so I would sometimes cringe at the thought of accepting a dare. Well, I haven’t seen all the challenges yet, but each time I will post what appeals to me more, okay?

This week’s theme is:



Since I will not be going to a bookstore right now, and the TRUTH question being interesting, I will go with truth.

With 24 hours being left to live, I could probably do two books – but if, you know, it’s the last book I’ll ever read I would want to read one which affected me profoundly. It will obviously have to be a standalone because even with my speed, I doubt I could read a trilogy and savor it. So, my choice is:

The Fault in Our Stars

You must be wondering why I would choose such a morbid book at the time of my death but isn’t it more apt to read a book that deals with death? Okay, maybe I am morbid but the love that bloomed in the utter hopelessness makes me appreciate the fragility of life even more. I also would love to have one last cry with one of my favorite books so that I feel like I have really enjoyed my last book. Not to mention, I would re-read Augustus awesome lines one last time.

What do you choose – Truth or Dare?


3 thoughts on “Truth or Dare #1

  1. Oh gosh I love this meme idea! I think I’d choose The Book Thief or this one for the same reason. But maybe even something that’d make me crack up laughing nonstop.

    Thanks for posting! <33

  2. Oh, that book would totally make me cry in my last hours of life. If I could have any fictional companion accompany me, would definitely want to be with Augustus in my last hours of life. Such a fitting choice!

    Thank you for participating this week!

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