Review: Evanescent

Evanescent by Andria Buchanan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trapped in the deadly land of Nerissette, Allie has all but given up on any return to the mortal realm. Unless she can find the two elusive artifacts that have the power to get her and her friends back home.

But she’s got even bigger problems as the newly crowned queen of Nerissette: she must unite her people in the midst of a civil war and capture the Fate Maker—the evil puppet master responsible for the conflict—before he can find another army willing to return him to power. On top of it all, Allie is just a normal teenager. Her feelings are growing for the guy she’s certain is her true love, and balancing her personal life while being the queen isn’t as easy as it sounds. Allie must learn the true meaning of bravery, love, and kinship, regardless of the world—and danger—around her.

Evanescent picks up 3 months after Everlast – with Allie as the Queen of Nerisette and trying to rule her kingdom – not an easy task with different species of magical beings who have had centuries of mistrust against each other. While rebuilding the castle and trying to secure peace to her lands, a new threat arises in the form of her aunt, the Queen of the Nightmare lands. Also, the Fate Maker might find a way to come back and get the relics from her and she is forced to continuously choose between returning to her world and what is best for her kingdom.

Allie is a devoted Queen to her kingdom – anything she can do, she will do – even at the cost of her own or her friends’ happiness. It i admirable that even though she is tempted again and again to just give up and find a way back instead, she goes ahead and thinks of The World of Dreams first. It is particularly sad how the nobles and leaders of the various clans underestimate her, thinking her to be a naive teenager (she is a bit dense at times, though) unfit for ruling. It actually makes me wonder that how in a world filled with magical beings, humans were ever able to hold any power – as they pretty much useless in the front lines.

The plot develops at a good pace – keeping you hooked and eager for the next page. Some reveals I saw coming a mile away but, the writing was good and kept it from being too predictable. The war parts had me confused at times – they were too short (in reality a war wouldn’t end in just one battle, you know) and people just keep on retreating too quick. Loyalties are shifting left and right and man, did I want to whack that Eamon on his head for his poor thinking! The romance doesn’t develop much so if you are a fan of swoony romance storylines (I’m not), this one is not for you. There is a lot of foreshadowing in the book, which actually makes me quite interested for the next one.

Received from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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