Review: XXXHOLiC: Rei Vol. 1

XXXHOLiC: Rei Vol. 1
XXXHOLiC: Rei Vol. 1 by CLAMP
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, how much I had missed this series! When XXXHOLic ended, I was so sad – no more Watanuki, Yuuko, Doumeki or Himawari. Though it had ended well, it was a bit sad with Watanuki being so lonely. This sequel, said to be the Return(the ‘rei’ stands for return) feels like an alternate reality where Yuuko is still in the shop and seems somewhere during the timeline of the original, but certain things are changed. For instance, Yuuko says ‘necessity’ instead of ‘destiny’ and Watanuki had that strange headache. Also, Yuuko’s monologue at the start about everything appearing and disappearing at the wishes of humans makes me feel like this reality must have been created by someone’s *cough*Watanuki*cough wish. The general spookiness of the series has been retained and the artwork is spectacular as usual. I am looking forward to more chapters in this saga.

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