Review: Glimmerglass

Glimmerglass by Jenna Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dana Hathaway is a half-blood – having a human mother and a Fae father. Throughout her life, her mother kept her away from her father and her home country – Avalon – a mystical place where Faerie and the mortal realm collide into a city. She wants to escape her mother’s alcoholism and the responsibilities that come along with it, so she runs away from home and the place where her mother strived to keep her away from. Turns out her existence was a secret and for good reason – she is a Faeriewalker and being one, it comes with powers attached – powers which others might want to use for their benefit.

Fae stories attract my attention a lot – primarily because they appear in many fairy tales I read when younger. The story in Glimmerglass is sort of magical realism – the existence of Fae is known and they can co-exist with humans in Avalon. Dana really didn’t know what she was getting into – the day she arrives, she is kidnapped not once but twice. The people around her want to take advantage of the power her association can deliver, which makes everyone suspect as to their feelings towards her. Her own aunt, father and the new friends she makes may or may not have ulterior motives but Dana decides to make the best of the situation. She is not stereotypically strong, or mature or smart but she has a witty head and doesn’t get easily fooled. I actually loved hers and Finn’s scenes – the way she cracked his icy demeanor.

Plot-wise, I felt it had a good pace and the writing was good. There is a lot of politics involved in the Council and the twist given to the War of the Roses was a bit of genius. The atmosphere wasn’t dark or dire which some Fae stories have (I love those too). The ending seemed a bit cliche – I just knew what was about to happen. Between the characters, well I am leaning towards Keane – I somehow didn’t like Ethan, right from the first scene. Her father was a great character and I really believe him to be good and Finn is a good addition to the fatherly love.

Overall, it’s a good read and would definitely recommend to lovers of the Fae genre.

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