Book Blogger Hop: September 20-26th

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer

This week’s question is:

 What is your favorite genre? List two of your favorite books in that genre.

My Answer:

This one is a toughie. I read so many genres in YA – dystopia, urban fantasy, historical, mythology, paranormal, retellings – so I choose the genre from which I choose my books the most, which would be mythology – especially Greek. I love old legends and stories and though agnostic, I love to read the stories of Gods in different religions. Since angels also feature in mythology, I consider them in this genre. So, in short, I regularly read books of Greek mythology and Angel lore – and my favorite from each are:

4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: September 20-26th

    • Oh, I haven’t much of the other answers on the blog hop so I didn’t know!
      Well, considering the name of my blog, you won’t find anything much not related to young-adult books here. 🙂 Good to meet a fellow YA fan.
      Thanks for the follow!

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