Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein each week bloggers list out their Top Ten. In a perfect world where books are not ruined in their adaptations by producers/directors who go ‘ what if we did this instead’, these are the books I would love to be adapted as a movie/TV show:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #1) Set in Prague, this urban fantasy chronicling the centuries-long war between the Seraphim and Chimaera, narrated through the eyes of artistic Karou (such a beautiful name) who although a human, works for Brimstone, a Chimaera who in the business of wishes. The payment? Teeth. The first book takes Karou through a magical ride and she discovers the truth behind her existence, the love story that was the beginning of the annihilation of the Chimaera race. It’s like Romeo and Juliet, but with a twist. The book itself is beautiful and Madrigal’s and Akira’s is so heart-breaking. The sequel, Days of Blood and Starlight pit the lovers against each other and is a test of their love. Currently, waiting for Dreams of Gods and Monsters is driving me crazy.




Hex Hall (Hex Hall Series #1)Somebody please make a movie out of this amazing series! I love Sophie and Archer so much – they are such an amazing pair – all that snark and love! The story is Sophie – a witch who is sent by her father to the Hex Hall – which is basically a reform school for Prodigium – beings who have supernatural powers – there are witches, warlocks, demons, demon hunters, vampires and lots and lots of sarcasm. It’s quite a light-hearted series with some serious moments. If adapted, it should have a Sophie narrative, which you would enjoy.





Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely, #1)This faery series is so dark and enchanting – perfect for either a TV series – or maybe even a movie franchise. The faeries in this series are divided into four courts – but all are equal cruel in their beauty. Throughout the books, the perspectives change and the narrative is so captivating. I would especially love to see Donia, Sorcha, Niall, Irial and Bananach come alive on the screen.






DevouredI know, I know – there have been many Snow White adaptations, but since this one is a modern-retelling which I loved, I have to include this to the list. It’s a mystery with a dead twin and lots of other twists but the ending is just awesome!







UnravelingA kickass heroine, a guy with superpowers and mulitverses – perfect for any sci-fi geek. It involves colliding universes, countdowns, mysterious murders, FBI investigations – I actually won’t be able to explain the story – you HAVE to read the books. The second installment, Unbreakable was mind-blowing – with human trafficking across the parallel worlds and doppel gangers – gosh, I want more of this series! Elizabeth Norris is a freaking genius!






Die for MeI’ll just say two words – Paris and Vincent.

You want more reasons? Okay, the fact that there are these guardian-angel/zombie revenants who are charming and mysterious – the whole Bardia-Numa war and a whole new mythology – enough of vampires, witches and zombies – give me more of these angelic revenants! Oh, and I will say it again – freaking PARIS, dude!






Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1)This dystopian series with all the supernatural beings coexisting with normal humans? Definitely for a TV series. The series’ main protagonist, Rachel Morgan is this badass witch who starts off as a bounty hunter in Cincinnati, along with her vampire colleague and a pixie who loves to swear about Tinkerbell. There are werewolves, elves, and demons! Actually, demons form a large part of the series – considering they live in this other plane called the Everafter (from happily Everafter) which is accessed through ley lines, and are vicious when not summoned inside a circle. Rachel has frequent run-ins with Al, a quite charismatic demon who later on becomes her teacher. The last book, Undead Pool is soon to be released and this entire series is a entertaining read.




Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)This is another awesome sci-fi series – about humans living aboard a spaceship that is on it’s way to a new planet. It’s an amazing story and the third book is so exciting – that’s when they land on Cenaturi-Earth.








Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)This fantasy series about an assassin – totally worth a movie! The story follows Celaena Sardothien – a 17 yr old orphan girl who has been trained to be an assassin since childhood and now she is the best that there is. A betrayal caused her to be caught and now she is in the running for the position of the King’s assassin. But there are more sinister things happening and the castle is holding so many secrets. The novellas could be like flashbacks and the two novels the main stories.





Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)This modern tale based on the Trojan war tells the story of Helen, a girl who has some powers beyond comprehension and she suddenly discovers she is a demigod. But there are other demigods out there – four different houses of them and a curse that ties them to each other – and forces them to kill one another.

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