Review: Elegy

Elegy by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my, the Watersong series has ended and as much as it hurts me to say goodbye to Gemma, Harper, Marcy, Daniel and Alex, I loved this book. It had all the things a good supernatural YA book needs – romance, action, a bitchy villain, lots of angst and a happy ending.

Gemma, Harper and the gang is racing against time to try to figure out the curse written in the scroll – time before Penn decides to end Gemma’s siren existence forever. It is a bit in their favor that Penn is distracted with Daniel – but Daniel has problems of his own. His deal with Penn being secret, he can’t say that to Harper and this drives a Penn-sized wedge in their relationship. Gemma is trying to practicing her transformation so that when the time comes, she can stand up to Penn – while also mending her relationship with Alex. Also, the new siren Liv is trying very hard to give a new definition to the term ‘psychopathic siren’. If you thought Lexi was cray-cray, Liv is several miles ahead of her in that regard. Marcy is providing the humor as usual and her friend Lydia is the team’s resident translator. Also, I just realized – Lydia is the same one from Forgotten Lyrics! All the investigating, chasing down clues and immortals, finally lead to an exciting finale. The ending is particularly quite gory (and actually well-written) and the fight between Penn and Gemma – man, that was exciting stuff! The way the curse was finally removed – I was biting my fingernails at that point. So, with a two-step climax, this book and this series came to an end. The epilogue was particularly sweet and so what I wanted!

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